My favorite after effects template

After Effects templates are enhancements that are either visual or auditory that are incorporated into a presentation for purposes of promoting the content, and or making it more captivating and easily understood. They can be anything ranging from catchy 3D phrases, to a PowerPoint presentation or even a video. They are basically motion graphics to spruce up your work.

Watch my favorite after effects template in the video below

After effect templates are those that are used after a presentation in order to remind the user of what the main point was.

My favorite after effects templateFor an explainer video, after effects templates can be used to highlight the major purpose of the video by either use of a 3d phrase that directly highlights the intended purpose. The phrase could be repetitive or just an image. To learn how to create a whiteboard animation explainer video using after effects templates, watch this

The after effects template could also be in form of a PowerPoint video presentation, this is what is called an after effect tutorial. Just simple slides that automatically change. This in itself is like a mini presentation of the explainer video only without the virtual assistant. It is important to note that they can also be used to create introductory titles for projects making them more captivating while giving the viewer a preview of what is to come.

You could also use it for a broadcasting packages, that may be other products and services available and opening of logos. In an whiteboard animation explainer video repetition of an after effect template may be inevitable. So do not be shy to use the same template over and over again in different ways.

Always ensure you keep your effects simple and captivating, this keeps the attention of the reader focused. It should not be the main focus, it should only boost your content while still being able to pass across a message. If you choose one that requires photos make sure the photos are current and relevant. You can never go wrong if you grasp and apply after effect templates.