How to make whiteboard animation explainer videos

The term whiteboard animation was derived from the act of making drawing on a storyboard and someone recording it. It can also mean a process of recreating pictures and drawing in a whiteboard by artists who also record themselves in the process. However, with whiteboard animation explainer videos you can make such a hugh impact on your audience, that I will give you for free an after effects template for it!

Whiteboard videos are known to be informal and very captivating in system concept explanation. A whiteboard has nothing more other than a person standing in front of the whiteboard and doing the explanation.

Tips for creating whiteboard animation explainer videos for your clients

Lighting is a very challenging aspect in any whiteboard video. Several stumbling blocks will have to be overcome. Lighting too much from the front will make the speaker to cast a shadow on the board. This can also throw the glare on the whiteboard which is a glossy coat.

First you need to light the speaker by using a larger front facing light using a diffuser. When the speaker is lit from the front, it could be possible that he or she is casting a shadow on the board. Place light on top right and left corners and up the wall. Make them point towards the board, to light the space between the board and the speaker. This will eliminate any unwanted image.

whiteboard animation videos, after effects templates the video explainer freeIf there is no adequate light, you can improvise light source by using a well lit room. Sunlight from the window can easily alter the temperature of the short or worse still cast a glare on the board. If floor lamps are available, they should be arranged in room corners between the whiteboard and the speaker. To create superb diffuser use vellum paper. Learn more in this after effects tutorial!

Two stylistic features are always very dominant in any whiteboard videos on the internet. There is the lock down camera. Here, the camera is mounted on a tripod and does on move. The second one is framing whiteboard in relation to the speaker. Note that the edges or borders of the whiteboard are not supposed to be visible. This can make a very good explainer video.

Lastly you can use After Effects Templates to animate the film OR SIMPLY GET A FREE AFTER EFFECTS TEMPLATE.