How to create whiteboard animation videos

After effects templates are used to create whiteboard animation videos.

Whiteboard videos are used to tell a story by creating the effect of the traditional whiteboard animation videos that used the illustration of an individual drawing on a whiteboard.

However, today they use software that still create the illusion of an individual drawing on a white board telling a certain story.

These videos are called explainer videos because they follow a storyline that explains something mostly to a client audience.

Using the after effect template and video editing, adobe illustrator videos create a more in depth video that includes character sketching using the above named software.

How do you make whiteboard animation videos

  1. Have the idea

Like most after effects tutorials will tell you, you need an idea, a flow of ideas that will help you create the whiteboard animation video. They are usually written down to help the artist. Draw roughly on a paper the character you want to use. Hand sketching is the best way to come up with the rough idea before you start using the software

  1. Sketch the character

This involves using the after effects templates or other software’s to sketch the characters that will be used in the whiteboard animation story you want to tell. Try to sketch the character exactly as you sketched them in the hand drawn versions. Draw everything in precise detail in a sort of flow chart remembering you are telling a story.

You can use a video camera to film the process so that if you are using the film for advertising you will have the whole process. More tips here

  1. Video production

Take the video you made from the drawing process and edit it so that you will only have the parts that are relevant. Remove your voice and any blank scenes and any other areas that show the mistake you made while drawing.