How to create after effects tutorials that help

After effects is an application used by video professionals to create engaging motion graphics and cinematic visual effects, so here you will learn the most important elements of an after effects tutorial. It is mostly used for film making and television production to create 2D and 3D effects.

It is the industries standard tool for video composting, motion graphics design and animation. It is also useful for keying, tracking and rotoscoping. After effects are what make fiction and animation in movies look real. They are responsible for dramatic scenes that are impossible in real life such as a person disappearing into thin air.

Making a tutorial requires some basic background knowledge on after effects. More about this topic, in here

These skills can be practiced by editing movies and video clips. All the cool guys are doing it so finding help will be easy. You also need to hype the tutorial interesting the target market. This can be done by telling them why they need to learn after effects. The main reason is to enhance the quality of their work. For your after effects tutorial to work, it should be done professionally. This means that it should be a step by step guide with an after effects template. The template allows the user to easily fill in the gaps that may arise in the learning process.

An after effects tutorial should include the following.

Slow motion and explosion techniques

  • How to use 3Ds Max
  • How to animate characters into real life scenes
  • How to move objects along a path
  • How to change size, color and setting
  • How to blur things
  • How to create control and use text
  • How to animate particles in 3D with multiple instances
  • How to create a time lapse sequence
  • How to freeze a background
  • How to create 3D cloud motion from still images

Finally a good after effect tutorial may pick up tips on other people’s after effects tutorials. There are plenty of free trials on the market that you can try. These other tutorials will help you think outside the box.