Best tips to create explainer videos using after effects templates

Looking for the best tips to create explainer videos using after effect templates? We’ve got you covered. Explainer videos are an excellent way of engaging with your customers and ensuring that they know exactly what’s going on with your business.

And by using After Effects , you can at least get your explainer video on the right track by using templates, whiteboard animations and so on. These best tips to create explainer videos using after effect are just what you need, so sit back and learn how to create a dazzling video for your clients.

Creating a whiteboard animation explainer video with after effects templates

Visuals are not as important as it seems

Strange but true, but even using an application such as After Effects won’t produce the same level of quality if the other parts of production aren’t up to scratch. Most importantly, your visuals should be simple enough to ensure that your message is conveyed without much fuss. You’re not here to create the next Transformers – your job is to set the mood with simple visuals without too much visual distraction. That’s why in After Effects, find a basic template that’s not too flashy, and one that conveys the message with minimal fuss.

After Effects is hard to learn, and to use

after effects templates, whiteboard animation, explainer video, free after efects template, after effects tutorials, whiteboard explainer videos,This is specialized editing software that’s used on big-name Hollywood blockbusters after all, so it’s got lots of parts that need learning. The upside of this though, is that if you’re an After Effects pro, you can create some exciting videos and incredible animations or use one of the after effects templates that come for free!

On the other hand, it’s a nerve-wracking experience first booting up After Effects and seeing the crazy amount of options available to you. But if you want to create an animated explainer video, then it’s best to stick with After Effects and to dive into some after effects tutorials to discover just exactly how it all works.

Types of explainer videos

No matter what editing suite you use, it’s best to determine exactly what type of explainer video you need, that way you can determine the tone of your project going forward.

  • Startup explainer video

These are often seen on sites such as Kickstarter and are a great place to look for some of the best tips to create explainer videos using after effect, as most of these Kickstarter project videos use Adobe’s application. These videos have to be explained well, as the people in the videos are looking for money and don’t have time to waste with needlessly long explanations.

  • Whiteboard explainer video

Here is where an application such as After Effects comes into play. A whiteboard explainer video is a simple cartoon or animation that plays out on a white background with some ditty strumming along. It’s used when there is a lot of information to convey and thankfully, this is made quite simple when using After Effects as it has many built-in whiteboard animation templates that can be used.

You can download for free a white board animation explainer video after effects template here

  • Animated explainer videos

Again, this is exactly what After Effects was made for. Since animations are actually quite complex to do and require a degree of skill that many don’t possess, it would be best to actually hire a professional to perform this part. If you cannot afford one, then stick to simple animations of moving letters, simple geometric shapes and so on.

After Effects has many plug-ins that can accomplish this, all accessible from the vast amount of baked-in animations in the After Effects library.

  • Live recording explainer video

This would actually be the best bet for your video, but it also takes a certain level of professionalism to ensure that it doesn’t turn out substandard. What works best is to mount a camera on a tripod to keep the frame steady. Then, read out your script in a calm and even voice.

Afterwards, you can apply any effect and edit out any strange errors you may have using After Effects. Some of the best tips to create explainer videos using after effect will mention how powerful this editing suite is and we certainly agree – it’s actually easier to use After Effects as a strict video editing program then it is to create animations in it. So remember that before picking a whiteboard or animation type as your explainer video.

Get a script

Even the best tips to create explainer videos using after effect will mention how you must have a great script nailed down, otherwise your video is going to be a wreck. You also can’t be tripping up over your words or making it all up on the go.

Video production is difficult and time-consuming, not to mention quite costly. If you don’t have a script ready, you’ll end up with a lot of footage on the cutting room floor when it comes time to edit it using after effects templates, all down in After Effects. Some of the best practices for a script include:

  • Keeping it short (we suggest anything under a minute and a half)
  • Having a very clear call to action like “click here to learn more” (this can easily be inserted with After Effects)
  • Introducing a problem, then delivering an easy answer to the problem you’ve just introduced
  • A very brief overview of what you’re selling
  • Keep it simple and humorous
  • Always speak in the second person (using words like “you”)
  • Your tone should be almost conversational
  • Don’t use overly complicated language

The video production

As we mentioned earlier, no matter what the tips to create explainer videos using after effect are, you may end up having to hire a professional. After Effects is simply too complicated if you’re not extremely proficient in it. And if you want your video to look professional, you’ll have to recruit a freelancer or an agency. By visiting sites such as Craigslist, you can hopefully find a fairly inexpensive freelance to create your explainer video using After Effects.

While many of the parts of the video can be done yourself (the voice recording, the script, the general concept), it’s best to let a trained video editor produce the video, unless you’re using a less comprehensive video suite. And those are just some of the tips to create explainer videos using after effect. We hope it gets you on the right track.